Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Enduro

The 2010 Enduro is done although I prepared for it I was not prepared for the wet and rutty conditions. I houred out. No excuses and no regrets quite the learning experience. The A schedule is a little harder than C class. I will try the same class again next year. A few things will be added to the bike to make it more woods friendly. And more saddle time, felt good for the first half or so and then faded bad. Lost confidence in myself and front tire. Crashed numerous times stuck the bike in the deepest rut ever. I think this was a really good challenge for me as there are so many variables and obstacles to overcome. I cannot describe accurately how hard this ride was for me but, feel I still accomplished something as I finished the course all 101 miles or so.

Now if my ass heals up enough I will ride the 200k in Montana. If it doesn't I will be found on the Gallatin River fishing the 19th of June!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still riding yea I think?!

Yes I am still riding to work have some new studded tyres on the Sojourn they are the same brand as the monster meats on the moto-light. Heavy as hell and make you work like a dog just to get anywhere. I really respect those in Alaska that have to ride with studded tyres almost all year and all the gear. Still haven't figured out the clothing choice for 0 to - temps the first part of my ride I am OK to cold and the hill right before work that is not plowed gets me overheated and sweating. I didn't eat much breakfast this morning so I wouldn't puke on the hill. Worked great except I am still hungry! I should try that intermittent fasting out can't convince myself that starving occasionally is good for me. About the time I get winter riding figured out we will be trying to figure out how to stay hydrated in 100+ temps! Gives me something to do.

Snowshoeing has not started yet but, we are ready. Did a couple of nice hikes in Idaho City the last few weeks. Kind of taking it easy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old news and no new news.

Old news.

Pictures here are from this summer riding with Adrin and Ken. We didn't go very fast but had alot of fun. Adrin still thinks we are trying to kill him. We rode Shanes, Watchman, and out Three bears thats just a nice little fun loop here. I usually add Orchards, and then after the watchman go to trail 6 I think and then either down to fort Boise or Take the new phat tire traverse to Sidewinder and out. So many options need to go and ride!

Old picture from the top of Lager beer trail, Idaho city. Didn't ride down that side on this day, rode Illinois gulch instead. Oh and the handle bar bag didn't work too well on the 29er using it on the Paramount is much better. Awesome area should be riding this about the middle of April or May!

No new news is good news?

Well there hasn't been much going on in between seasons here the weather has been nice the last few weeks. New snowshoes have been purchased and we are just waiting for more snow it will come. Still riding to and from work everyday and not much else. If the weather holds I will Mt. bike ride tomorrow. I have put some more aggressive tyres on for the winter. Weighed the bike after swapping and it weighs 27 lbs. ready to ride less water bottle. Still loving the Stumpy29er rode a mixed surface ride last week it worked really well. Oregon trail loop need to do that ride more. Think I could add a little more dirt to it and still have a thirty mile loop. Lots of fun no pressure riding thought about cross racing then thought I would just ride around and have fun instead.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winters Here?

Used this title before! Awoke this morning to about two inches of snow and more coming down. Heavy wet snow started the snow blower just to make sure it will run when I get back up. Quite a shock from the previous day of dusty trails and a pretty good mountain bike ride. Quick loop but fun hit some of my favorite trails who knows maybe for the last time this year. Found the camera here's a few pics from the front and back doors this morning. Paula swam here last event this year today the 6000 yd swim. Two minutes faster than last year yeah!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

todays training

Today's training started at 7 with a three hour mt bike ride 30 some miles. After a switch of bikes and fresh water quick snack. Paula and I headed out for a road ride. We haven't done a ride together in along time, the ride was cut short by a broken spoke on her bike. As we were getting ready to head home with the wonky wheel two young girls past by and did at least make sure we were OK. After telling we broke a spoke we could hear them talking and they had no clue what that would do to a wheel or how to fix it. We managed to get home safely about 15 mile ride then we switched to our touring bikes and hauled Sky around. A fifty five pound dog is great resistance training I was a little tired after another 15 miles. So sixty miles on three bikes pretty good day. Oh what am I training for more Randonnering of course!

Grilled a chicken under a brick well I didn't have a brick so I used a cast iron skillet with rocks in it for weight. Very tender and moist! No pictures cause I still haven't found the camera.


Holowtop 200

Rode the Hollow top 200 permanent with Jason and Karel. Two of the three Montana Randonners, it was nice having some kindred spirits to ride with. I felt really good for the first 60 miles and then started having some serious leg cramps. We had a great pace going it would have been great if I could have kept up that pace. Backed it down a bit from that point and went into a survival mode and I did. For my longest ride since 07 I am very happy with the ride oh and it went through some really cool canyons the ride from Norris to Belgrade with the tailwind we had was great. Didn't take any pictures because I can't remember where my camera is guess I will have to ride it again next year!

Didn't have any bike issues the 650B set up is working great, thinking about a different saddle the San Marco is good but it is about 20 years old. Adjusted my speedo to the tyres after the ride not having a properly calibrated speedo is very annoying. Also moved my front bag up one notch as I had a hard time reading the route sheet.

Ride time of about 9 hours and a total of about 10. Great weather and a nice route good people to ride with think I will call it a success! Thanks again Jason for organizing the route and riding with us.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Positive ranting today!

Two days and two posts! I have had lots to write just not any ambition as no one really reads this but me. The summer is fast fleeting and there are so many places I still want to ride. Been riding the new 29er a bit and still the Sojourn to work. The mileage has been down a bit this year on the bikes and up on the hiking. The picture of the bike in the house is stupid but, does show the bag set up. Not too keen on the handle bar bag on the mountain bike works much better on the Paramount. The seat bag is huge! And not really noticed while riding. The frame pack is the real jewel in this set up as it keeps the weight lower and items like the camera, gps and food close at hand. All of these bags are Jandd and are very well made and durable.

Just discovered that there are several permanents near the cabin and there is to be a partial rando series next year! Yea! I am so excited this is what I am gearing the Paramount for. I have also been getting the 29er set up for longer rides and overnighters. Haven't done any yet nor have I gone touring but, everyday I get a little closer.

Triumph has been at Moto-tech for the last two weeks waiting for a sprocket. What a pain in the ass. Luckily for me and them I have so many toys to play with I haven't really missed it other than more room in the garage. I have some plans to use it for planing routes for RUSA think I might try organizing a permanent or two. If that goes well than may look into being the RBA here. As no one else is really doing anything.

more later